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48-Channel SSL 6048E/G with Total Recall.

ATC T16 powered monitors
NS-10's w/ Bryston 4B amp.

KRK RP-5's

Alesis Monitor 1s
Alesis RA-100 amp

Otari MTR90 Mk2 2-inch 24-track w/autolocate.
Protools Rig - 24in / 48out - HD2
+Lots of plugins
Digidesign SYNC I/O

Digidesign 192 I/O Converters (3)
Otari MTR12 Mk2 1/2inch analog mixdown recorder.
Sony DTC-60ES Dat recorder

Digidesign Mbox2
Emagic MT4 Midi interface

Neumann M149
Neumann U87 (1969)
Neumann U87 (70s)

Royer R-122 (matched pair)

GT AM62 (valve)
Sennheiser km30u
B&O Dynamic
AKG C1000S (2)
Shure SM57's etc etc


Focusrite ISA430 (2)
Focusrite ISA110
Empircal Labs Distressor
Empircal Labs FATSO
AWA Big-One Compressor
RNC Compressor (2)
Alesis 3630 (Black Lion Class A/B Mod)
Alesis 3630 (standard)
Dolby 361 A-type
EMT 140 Plate Reverb
Roland SDE-3000 delay
Alesis Q20 Multi-Effects
Alesis Wedge Reverb
Yamaha Analog Delay (2)
Akai S6000 Sampler (256Mb Ram & USB)

Instruments Include
73 Mki Fender Rhodes, Hammond L-100 Tonewheel Organ, Hammond S6 valve Chord Organ, Korg MS20 Analog Synth, Roland SH-1000 Synth, Technics SPx-50 88-key Weighted Keyboard, Ensoniq FIZMO Synth, Akai S6000 Sampler, Upright Piano, Fender Hotrod Deville 2x12, Moody BA-40 Amp, Fender 'Twin', and lotsa cool vintage guitars. Even more instruments available on request.

Guitar pedals
Ulbrick Megladon, Crowther Hotcake, ProCo Vintage RAT, Small Clone, Small Stone,
Boss - Chorus, Tremelo, Tuner, Phaser, Metal Zone, GigaDelay, MXR DynaComp...

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